Tuesday Apr 16, 2024

Episode 26: Perioperative considerations for patients exposed to hallucinogens

In this episode of RAPM Focus, Dr. Brian Sites discusses the perioperative use of hallucinogens with Trent Emerick, MD, MBA, following the February 2023 publication of Dr. Emerick’s paper, “Perioperative considerations for patients exposed to hallucinogens.”

Dr. Trent Emerick is currently an associate professor in the departments of anesthesiology and perioperative medicine and bioengineering at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and School of Medicine. He was a fellowship director for the chronic pain fellowship, and associate chief in the medical director of the UPMC chronic pain division. He is also the designated pain specialist for the NLF Pittsburgh Steelers.

Medicine is always changing, providing a career steeped in creativity. Hallucinogen use in the general population is growing, becoming more and more common. There is a renewed interest in the therapeutic benefits of drugs commonly classified as hallucinogens. These drugs are complicated and alter the sensorium. Psychedelics, a type of hallucinogen, are mediated by serotonin to a receptor and can help to soothe pain.

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