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Episode 24: Incidence of persistent opioid use following traumatic injury

Data describing the relationship between specific traumatic injuries and opioid use is lacking, which is why RAPM is so delighted to support the work of Matthew Mauck, MD, PhD, and colleagues. In this episode of RAPM Focus, RAPM Editor-in-Chief Brian Sites, MD, discusses “Incidence of persistent opioid use following traumatic injury with Dr. Mauck, first published in June 2023.

Dr. Mauck is an assistant professor and vice chair of research for the University of North Carolina’s department of anesthesiology. He is a practicing pain physician, and his main research focus is on preventing the transition of acute to chronic pain following traumatic injury.

Upon individuals hospitalized after surgery, up to 60% continue to experience chronic pain at 12 months. Dr. Mauck and colleagues used insurance claims data from over a 20-year period to estimate the incidents of new persistent opioid use in three hospitalized trauma populations. Burn injury, motor vehicle collision, and orthopedic injury. New persistent opioid use is defined as the receipt of greater than one opioid prescription 90-180 days following injury in an individual with no opioid prescriptions during the year prior.

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