Monday Jan 22, 2024

Episode 23: Real-world study of intranasal ketamine for use in patients with refractory chronic migraine

RAPM Editor-in-Chief Brian Sites, MD, joins Hsiangkuo Yua, MD, PhD, and Aniket Natekar, MD, two
coauthors of “Real-world study of intranasal ketamine for use in patients with refractory chronic
migraine,” first published in May 2023.
Dr. Hsiangkuo Yuan received his medical degree from National Yang-Ming University in Taipei, Taiwan,
and a PhD in biomedical engineering at Duke University. He joined Jefferson Headache Center in 2014 as
a research fellow, then completed a neurology residency and headache fellowship at Thomas Jefferson
University. Dr. Yuan is currently an associate professor of neurology and the director of clinical research
at the Jefferson Headache Center. He is also the vice chair of ASRA Headache SIG and an associate editor
of RAPM. His research interests include real world analysis of novel migraine therapeutics and a
fundamental understanding of CSF dynamics in patients with CSF high and low pressure headaches.
Dr. Aniket Natekar pursued his medical education at the John A. Burns School of Medicine at the
University of Hawaii in Honolulu. He attended Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia,
where he completed his residency in general neurology, and then a fellowship in headache medicine at
the Jefferson Headache Center. Dr. Natekar is currently a practicing neurologist with a subspecialty
training in headache management.
Migraine is a common and disabling headache disorder with huge societal implications in terms of
human suffering and loss of productivity. The World Health Organization recognizes its importance by
ranking it in seventh place among worldwide diseases causing disability. Refractory chronic migraine
headache is a subset condition of migraines. As the name suggests, it is an extremely unfortunate
situation with limited treatment options.
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